005 - L2C Esther Tee

005 - L2C Esther Tee

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Why Buy a Tee?

COVID-19 has shaken us all. As an organization that is passionate about youth development, we've recognized that we cannot influence change without your help.

We understand what it's like to not have a place where you feel you belong or are safe. That's why we've been guiding and mentoring youth towards a future they didn't realize they could have, so they face challenges with confidence and become successful adults. Even during a pandemic such as COVID-19.

This t-shirt is a proclamation of that potential. A proclamation of belief in oneself and the purpose that's in all of us. 

By purchasing a tee, you're helping us achieve our mission to educate and empower the wellbeing of at-risk youth in the Greater Atlanta Community.

Join Us in Becoming the Change We Wish to See in the World.

100% of profits go to the ongoing costs of mentor recruitment, vetting, & training, student recruitment, and ongoing oversight of mentoring relationships.